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Composing An Excellent 10-Page APA Style Research Paper

Higher learning institutions around the world have their own style of academic writing. While some rely on Harvard Style of referencing and for general writing, others pursue Modern Language Association (MLA) style of writing. There are different reasons for this but in most cases, referencing styles are inherently institutional and follows on some publishing rules. Where you want to get your literary piece published also greatly determines the style of writing to use. In some colleges, variations are permitted but when your tutor, lecturer or professor is specific on the type of writing style; you have to follow through that advice. Also, for as long as there is specificity on the type of writing style needed for a research paper, it will have an influence on the awarding of marks. APA style of research paper writing is one of the widely used in academic institutions today and even around the world. In order to produce a 10-page academic paper using this style, it is important to take note of a few things discussed hereafter.

The Title Page

When you are required to format your research paper using APA style, the title page is one of the many things that you should always take into serious consideration. It should always be about 10 to 12 words in length as a basic necessity for this writing style.

The Table of contents

This is also another section that is necessary for APA writing style especially for essays and research writing. The table of contents always has a bearing with pagination and it is always important to check if your word document is set to APA style. To do this, go to references on the word menu bar and change style. It will automatically reset. However, you can always adjust page formatting such as margins.

The Abstract

Well, even for a 10-page research page writing, an abstract is very important. To get it right, this part should be only a single paragraph written in block format. Generally, an abstract always serve the purpose of letting an examiner or reads know what the paper is all about, methodology used and the research design employed.

The Title page, Table of contents, Acknowledgment and abstract should be on their own pages

This is an important necessity to take into account especially when doing a paper using the APA style of referencing. The same is also true for the introduction page.

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