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9th Grade Research Paper Topics: 25 Unique Examples

To enhance the ownership of learning, research papers are the natural way to overpower it. It offers the chance to explore the personal interest of a person, through which one can get the idea of the importance of it and on the other hand, he or she will get to know about many unknown things about the personal interest. But the whole process of the research paper can be boring and monotonous in nature.

So to enjoy while researching the paper, you should choose such topics which motivate you to dig up the matter with natural curiosity. Whatever the topics may be, it should be of your interest, so that you never get bored during the whole writing of the paper. Because once you get started doing your work, then you cannot leave behind in the middle, keeping it incomplete. Here are some examples of the topics:

  1. Pros and cons of the intake of the ADD medication by the high school students.
  2. The effects of the sports injuries on the player’s health.
  3. The effects of the processed food over the entire population of our country.
  4. The impact of the climatic change.
  5. Write about the carbon footprints. How can it be done?
  6. The advantages of carbon-dating. How it is used?
  7. Compare the magical books of Harry Potter and the Oz.
  8. Reasons behind the global warming.
  9. Focus on the character development of the two characters of Shakespeare.
  10. What should we do to stop racial discrimination?
  11. Children are smarter with the technology and getting more socialized with the help of the internet.
  12. The effects of steroids in the human beings.
  13. How to stay fit and slim and lose weight.
  14. Write about the sleeping disorders? How they are treated?
  15. Risks of getting tanned.
  16. Should parents prevent their children from getting vaccinated?
  17. Write about the children programming and marketing.
  18. The advantages and the disadvantages of the school uniforms.
  19. What can be done to improve the security of the cyber net?
  20. What measures should be taken to prevent the profiles in the social networking sites from getting hacked or mis-used?
  21. What are the ways to get rid of the viruses in a computer? How can we stop it?
  22. Write about the endangered species. What are the reasons behind their extinction?
  23. How the oil spills effect the whole marine ecosystem?
  24. What should we do for the sustainability of the natural resources?
  25. Should government impose restrictions on the kinds of foods served in the cafeteria of the school?

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