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Writing An Interesting Research Paper About Bill Gates

Bill Gates does not need an introduction to any person on this planet. Everyone knows him as the richest person on earth so there is nothing surprising about it. However, if you were to write a research paper about him, you would have to dig deeper than the ordinary information. You have to create a paper based on critical thinking, personal observations, and strong evidence to support your observations and prove your theme.

The first thing you should do in your assignment is creating a thesis statement. This statement is an extract of your entire paper and acts as a central idea for your audience. You have to show the stance and purpose of your assignment to your readers through this statement. If you are not sure how to create a strong thesis statement, you should get help from experts. These guides will help you create a great statement by gathering strong evidence and following the right examples. You have to answer the question that what will you achieve through this paper or why is your paper worth reading for the audience

After building a thesis statement, you should divide it into parallel parts and create the major arguments for the body of your paper. Each argument will act as a major section in your assignment and contribute towards proving your thesis statement. It is important that all the arguments you develop must compliment your thesis and support it. You would have to consider brainstorming for getting fresh ideas to link and integrate the paper in a perfect manner

Develop a research methodology to gather the supporting evidence for your major arguments. This evidence includes data, facts, stats, examples, case studies, primary, and secondary information and qualitative and quantitative data. You have to make sure that the data you collect for your paper is from reliable and valid sources. If you are talking about past life of Bill gates, you cannot simply believe something because it is on the web. You need to authenticate and validate the information from reliable sources and cite this source in your paper

You need to create a strong conclusion and result section for your paper on whatever the stance you had in the beginning of your paper. The purpose of your conclusion is to emphasis on your thesis statement and proves that your arguments support your stance

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