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5 Things You Need To Know About The Parts Of A Research Concept Paper

Writing a research concept paper is a tricky assignment. It’s not at all like regular research paper, but instead a sort of proposal in which you are given the opportunity to define the focus of your work and receive some early feedback about your approach and ideas. Here are the five things you need to know about the parts of a well-written research concept paper:

  1. The Introduction
  2. You want the approving committee to be interested in the entire concept paper and should provide compelling information at the start. Demonstrate that you understand the overall mission of the department or institution and that your work will have an impact in building the program.

  3. The Purpose
  4. The second portion of the concept paper is where you provide a brief list of the supporting documentation and importance for addressing the issue or question. Be sure to cite significant academic sources that are compelling and generally well-known in the field. This will give your work context and increase the chances of being approved.

  5. The Project Description
  6. In a clear and concise description tell the committee what you plan on doing. Give your approach, methodology and timelines. Give reasons why you have to conduct your work in this specific way. Consider that most projects will have limitations. If you acknowledge these limitations in your concept paper, the approving committee will not what and what not to expect.

  7. Goals and Objectives
  8. Outline your research questions, goals and objectives. These should just be more clarification of your overall vision for the project and going over the accomplishments you expect will be achieved if all of your research goes as planned. You should also list the measurable outcomes by which a successful project will be evaluated.

  9. Benefits and Anticipated Outcomes
  10. Lastly, list the complete benefits and anticipated outcomes of your research project. You may want to ask yourself the following questions when coming up with this portion of your paper: who will benefit from this project? What are the outcomes that can be expected throughout the project? And finally how does this project add to the discipline or knowledge of the field? Questions like these should provide you with the content for this section.

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