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How To Write An Academic Research Paper: Advanced Tips

An academic research paper is different than the ones you wrote in high school. In high school, you were writing your paper for your teacher to grade. She is probably the only one who would ever read it. As you begin your college career, you will realize that the only thing your teachers in high school really cared about was the process of writing the paper along with grammar. Now in college, professors actually care about what you are writing and just expect that you know the process. They are more concerned in what you are saying and take the process for granted.

  • Write to be read
  • An academic paper is written by you and will be read by your peers and all other scholars. You have to have that in mind when you are picking the topic, writing the thesis, arguing your point and creating your conclusion. You are expected to leave your reader with something to think about.

  • Topic must be interesting to other scholars
  • The theme you choose has to be interesting to your peers. You have to be able to teach them something or tell them something they didn’t know. Maybe you can give them a point of view they hadn’t thought about. Consider what you need to do for your readers when picking a topic.

  • Create and informed argument
  • Your paper needs to give your reader and informed argument. You need to be able to prove what you are saying. Your writings have to be backed by fact. You should strive to be analytical, almost impersonal when trying to defend your argument.

  • Don’t just summarize
  • In this type of paper, you can’t just summarize what you have researched. Many of your peers will probably already know this and they will find no use in reading your essay. You need to give them a new perspective on your topic. Try to make your reader think about the topic in a new way. Scholars are always striving to learn and think and debate. They want to read things that promote healthy debate. Your paper needs to accomplish that.

  • High school to College
  • The transition from high school to college is a tough one. Not only are you supposed to think more when you write, you are responsible for making your reader think more too. As you progress through your college career, these papers will get easier also. Understand that your responsibility to the scholar community has increased and you should be excited that your voice is going to be heard.

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