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How To Write A Research Paper For Journal Publication – Hints And Tricks

If you need your research paper to be published in a journal, you will have to be accurate, devoted, patient, and very diplomatic. There are certain demands to works that are accepted by journals, and to the authors of those works, too. There is a real Catch-22 in the journal publishing of research papers. The author, who wants to be published, needs to have several articles published already, otherwise, the work will hardly receive any attention. At the same time, the author needs to start somewhere, and it’s quite difficult to have the very first article published in a journal.

Below, you will find several tips that will help you get your article through all the obstacles.

  1. Figure out your own goal and vision.
  2. It’s very important to have a vision, i.e., a clear understanding of the purpose why you are writing the article.

  3. Keep in mind the importance of being clear.
  4. Your research paper is not a novel that demands numerous details, usage of expressive means, flashbacks, etc. It’s an academic text that needs to be clear, comprehensive, and informative. At the same time, remember about the grammar and punctuation in your text.

  5. Compose a pre-review of your article.
  6. After you have put the text aside and then checked it afresh, compose a short but informative pre-review that will help you represent the research to the editor of the journal and its readers. You need it to introduce the explored problem to people who know very little or nothing at all about it. Make the pre-review simple and clear.

  7. Choose a right journal.
  8. Your article won’t be published in case it does not meet the format of the journal. So, before you decide to reach out and submit your paper to a journal, study its bias very carefully. Experts recommend attaching a cover letter that will help editors determine, which journal the article fits best of all.

  9. Tame your panic.
  10. The waiting for their feedback can be the toughest time, still, you should tame your nerves and avoid sending additional letters with questions, persistence, requests, explanations, etc. The editors need time to look through your article and give their answer. Besides that, they always know better what they should or should not choose, and your stubbornness will hardly do any good but can easily spoil your reputation. After all, you should not lose hope because not all negative reviews mean a total failure.

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