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Picking A Solid Information Technology Topic For A Research Paper


Information technology is a forever changing topic and we are going through an internet revelation. The internet is fast replacing books in terms of knowledge and there is no restriction on who can use it. With information at our finger tips, this is creating much room for debate among scholars as to whether this is good for us or not. These debates and theories are a good starting point for any student studying the phenomenon of information technology.


Taking notes is the first step in compiling any essay, dissertation or thesis and a research paper is just as important. Before you can take notes though it is necessary to pick a topic. When it comes to information technology, the main issue is one of intelligence. Does the internet make us lazy or even in some cases stupid? Some scholars argue that the internet can create intelligence while others argue that in fact it can have the opposite effect.

When compiling a research paper, it is important to be able to research both sides of the argument and come up with an answer of your own. Information can be found on the internet or through paper format.


There are many different topics that you can look into and create a research paper of your own. Ideas for topics include:

  1. Is technology changing the way we read?
  2. Are books becoming a thing of the past?
  3. Is finding information online a good or a bad thing?
  4. Is handwriting an important thing in the digital age?
  5. Are tablets and IPads important for education?
  6. How does technology change the way we teach?
  7. How does technology change the way we work?
  8. Does technology create more or less jobs?
  9. Is technology a good thing?
  10. Is technology ruining the family?

These are just a few ideas to get you started thinking about how technology and social lives interact and whether technology can be considered a good or a bad thing. The outcome may be one of personal preference but your research into the topic will come up with ideas and arguments on both sides to help form a more educated debate and answer.


These tips are only a beginning to get you thinking about your research paper. You may decide on a topic of your own or you may find that as you research your topic, you come up with new ideas or a different topic. As long as you change the title as you change the topic this should be okay but it is always best to seek the advice of your tutor.

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