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Creating Research Papers On Mathematical Biology

Mathematical biology is an interesting and useful science, and you won’t regret the decision to write a research paper on the subject. Since this interdisciplinary field of study is developing very fast nowadays, you won’t lack fresh and original ideas for your project. However, this task is going to be somewhat challenging. This is where you should have deep theoretical knowledge in biology and be able to apply mathematical modeling to answer your questions.

Things to Consider When Writing Your Research Paper

In your scientific paper, you should:

  • present your hypothesis on any biological issue;
  • provide the data collected in an investigation;
  • support this information with relevant mathematical calculations;
  • analyze and discuss whether your hypothesis was true or false;
  • summarize;
  • define possible gaps in the field and suggest directions for further study.

All the information in your paper should be logically presented. Check with your teacher on how to properly format your piece of writing.

Components of Your Research Paper

As any other scientific work, your paper on mathematical biology should have the following structure:

  • Title page.
  • Write a title of your project. Provide your name, your teacher’s name, institutional affiliation, and the date.

  • Abstract.
  • Briefly summarize the study (in no more than 250 words). To be effective, describe each major chapter of the paper in just one sentence.

  • Introduction.
  • In the introduction, state the purpose of your work. Explain why you decided to explore this particular biological problem and why you decided to apply these particular methods of mathematical biology. Start broad and narrow down to your specific research question. Provide your hypothesis in the last sentence.

  • Methods.
  • Explain how you investigated the problem. Describe how you gathered the data and how you processed the numbers. Since the methods of mathematical biology are rather complex, don’t overdo with details and provide the minimum information that is enough to understand the process.

  • Results.
  • Provide your findings in a straightforward manner. Don’t explain or analyze the numbers. Use tables and figures to effectively organize numerical data.

  • Discussion.
  • Analyze the results of your specific study and state if you hypothesis was true. Start narrow and discuss how your data can be applied to some broader topics in the field.

  • References.
  • Whenever you use information that is not common knowledge, cite the source where you took it from. The sources are commonly presented on the last page of your paper and are called “References”. Arrange your references in an alphabetical order. Format them in compliance with the necessary documentation style.

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