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Best Guidelines For Creating A Body Part Of A Research Paper In Veterinary Science

There are many words that are misused and abused in colloquial language or are thrown around very liberally. For example, love is a much misused word. People claim they are in love while a more appropriate term or phrase for their condition would be infatuation, lust, sweetness of emotion or crush. Another misused term is genius. People use the term genius for rock stars like John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Jimi Hendrix etc. However, if you use the term genius for rock stars, what would you call musicians like Mozart, Bach or Beethoven?

A similarly misused term is science or scientific. Many people casually throw words like quantum into stuff just to make it sound scientific. For example, Deepak Chopra, the spiritual guru who hails from India, calls his healing techniques quantum healing when they have nothing to do with quantum physics. However, the word quantum brings into mind associations with some sort of Science. Similarly, many people called astrology scientific because it involves seeing charts and patterns but there is nothing scientific about it.

Scientific method involves forming a hypothesis, then trying very hard to disprove the hypothesis, then forming a new hypothesis, and then trying hard to disprove that hypothesis, and so on and so forth till you reach a hypothesis that can be accepted as a law. But even that law is a hypothesis, which will eventually be replaced by a better or new theory.

Hence it is clear that one of the main criteria of good thesis on veterinary science is to disprove rather than agree with a hypothesis that seems to be suitable for a definite framework.

Contribution types: The writer needs to take care of different kinds of contributions that he can use as his research such as short communications, original papers of research and review papers. Such as while writing the reports of the original researches, it should be ensure that these are not published anywhere else. The word length for short communications should not be more than 1600 words. On the other hand, if you are writing review on veterinary science, make sure they are on recent developments on the subject and the word length should be 4000 words max.

Before publishing, make sure the paper meets all ethical standards and the information is well studied.

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