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Hints For A Research Paper About Schizophrenia In APA Style

Of course, schizophrenia is a very broad and complex topic to be covered completely in one survey. However, like almost every scientific issue, it has some essential points to be raised and discussed in order to compose an effective research paper.

Important Points to include in Your Research Paper

Basically, your paper contents strongly depend on the type you are writing it for. Also, take into account the position which you consider this disorder in your work from and how deeply you do that (maybe, your paper deals with one special type of it). Here only the general points are suggested, included in the majority of such academic assignments and highly topical for scientific discussion.

  • Study of the positive symptoms.
  • Positive symptoms of mental disorder imply something that a person perceives in addition to the objective reality stimuli – sees, hears on senses. It can be visual and auditory hallucinations, false tactile sensations, spasms, paranoid delusions etc.

  • Study of the negative symptoms.
  • Negative symptoms term is used for various physical and emotional dysfunctions that accompany the course of schizophrenia. It means, for example, partial loss of muscle control, periods of severe depressions, suicidal intentions, catatonia, to name just a few.

  • Real personality profile vs. depiction in media.
  • Despite popularization of science in today’s world, media still tend to depict schizophrenic people as dangerous and unpredictable individuals that should be isolated from the normal social environment. While in reality such individuals are often not temperamental at all and rather harmless.

Essential Tips on APA Writing and Citation Style

  • Avoid too many quotes, better paraphrase the thoughts you derived from some work. In any case, even for expression someone’s idea in your own words, don’t forget about proper citation and reference.
  • Use a formal language. Write in third person in a clear and comprehensible style. Always include author’s name if you refer to some theory.
  • Avoid racist, sexist and other offensive constructions and expressions. While describing an individual, who suffers from schizophrenia, don’t refer to them as “the schizophrenic”.
  • Cited sources in reference section must be listed in alphabetical order by the first author’s last name.
  • APA format requires all page margins set at 1 inch, double-spaced paragraphs and Time New Roman font of 12 points size.
  • Paper outline must have headings constructed, capitalized, and enumerated strictly following APA style rules and requirements.
  • A title page should include paper title, paper data, student’s name and professor’s name.

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