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Composing An Outstanding Informative Research Paper

Research papers are usually the cause for many students to panic but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are some definite guidelines that you can use to compose an outstanding informative research paper.

  1. Choosing a topic that is not too broad and not too narrow – This is one of the hardest things to do when composing a research paper. Many times your teacher will give you guidance as to what your topic should be but sometimes it is left up to you. Many times it is best to brainstorm to find out what your topic should be.

    • Set an alarm for 2 minutes and write down as many topics as you can think of – stop when you get to 10
    • Once you have 10 try to reduce your list in half by determining what ones have the most research- then you have 5

    • Take the 5 topics and knock a couple of them that you think your readers may not be interested in so you are down to 3

    • From the 3 that are left, choose the one that interests you the most and you have your topic

  2. Research effectively – The topic you have should have a ton of research available. Make sure to keep your research organized so you can see how your paper is developing. You will need to be thinking about your thesis statement as you research. As you continue to research, your thesis statement will begin to take shape.

  3. Create an outline – Once you have decided on your thesis statement and you have completed your research, you should create an outline. This is the most important part of your research paper. Use your notes you have taken and start with your thesis statement and then your main points you are using to support your thesis. Once you have all of these important parts in your outline you are ready to create your rough draft.

  4. Create your rough draft – This should be really easy once you have completed your outline. When you have completed the draft, have someone you trust and respect read it for you and have them give you advice on how to make it better.

  5. Make your edits and create your final draft

If you follow the guidelines that are outlined above, you will have no problem creating a very informative research paper that you will be proud to hand into your teacher.

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