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A Brief Guide For Composing A 4-Page Research Paper Outline

To become a good writer, you must first of all be an astute reader who is always engrossed in fact finding and information seeking. The dawn of the web has made it even easier to read on a number of issues because you are always a click of the button away from getting to know a lot that is happening around you. This is news reading. Further, reading extensively will bring to your attention fact about animals, places and things. There is therefore no doubt that an ardent reader is perhaps the best writer one will ever find. So, having known this, the next big hurdle is how is one supposed to do a 4-page research paper, not the voluminous academic writing?

Sometimes academic writing requires a student to produce just a brief of what has been studied in the field, however, most of the times students tend to forget what is expected of them hence write long literary pieces. Of course a four-page term paper is probably one of the shortest and even easiest but many questions will start racing through your mind. You will want to know what is worth being included and what is supposed to be excluded. On this premise, omitting what is important and including what is irrelevant is always a high possibility. Well, as discussed hereafter in this article, is a brief guide that will start you off with writing such a short research paper in no time, so take a look.

  • The introduction
  • Well, a four paged academic paper takes into account very important sections of the longer version and with introduction always being the very first section, you will want to make sure it entails all that is necessary. So, in your outline and under the subheading: introduction, a quick writing guide will take into account aspects such as how you want to introduce your paper. Do you want to use definitions of analogies?

  • The main body
  • The body text forms the bulk of any term paper and so ensuring it captures everything in a short four paged pieced is important. Here, make sure you have included major points, examples as well as which writing approach you want to use.

  • The ending
  • This is the summary of paper and in a short paper which is only four pages, there is no need for much ado here except for summarizing your main points.

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