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A Guide To Writing A Research Paper About High School Life

Are you going to write a research paper about high school life? Well, it might sound relatively easy, but it’s not. If it’s a research piece, your examiners would have a completely different level of expectation. Therefore, it’s not just describing your high school days, recounting the fun days and staff like that. You need to do your own research and come up with an essay that truly reflects your depth of thought, your analytical capabilities and the amount of research that goes into it.

Start with flipping through the hard numbers

You need to furnish hard numbers, or statistical data, in your essay so that your teachers know that you have at least some knowledge of the high school life of students in general, their challenges and how do they overcome it and all. You can start with an intriguing piece of info, such as the rise in number of high school dropout cases.

Visit some schools

How about doing some legwork and visiting the schools nearby? You can fix an appointment with the principal of some high school in your community. You can discuss at length about the behavioural patterns of high school students, challenges they face, corrective measures to get wayward high school students back on track, how they deal with the issue of use of recreational drugs in campus etc.

Talk to the students too

Do not just talk to the administration. You can also talk to the students to know what issues they are most frustrated with, how they prevent ragging on campus, what’s their stand on harmless bullying and a range of other issues. This way, you can easily know the campus issues that are prevailing now. You can also know the personal problems of the students. This will help you in writing am essay that sheds light on areas of high school life that have still gone unnoticed.

Talk to child and young adult psychology experts

Many of the high school student problems stem from certain social taboos, psychological barriers and many other issues not widely discussed. However, psychologists who work with kids and young adults know their minds inside out. You can talk to these psychologists to add elements of psychological analysis in your essay.

When you are done with writing a research paper, you should proofread it thoroughly and fix the factual and grammatical errors. You can also get someone to read your thesis.

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