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List Of 10 Research Paper Topics On Medical History

A medical history or anamnesis is information about a patient gained by a physician using a special questionnaire. Writing a research paper on medical history will help students learn more about the techniques and approaches applied by medical professionals to gain the necessary data to make a diagnosis.

Choosing a Good Research Paper Topic for Your Assignment

Although a medical history topic seems narrow, it’s necessary to focus your work on some important aspects of creating and using of medical histories in hospitals. The following 10 sample topic ideas will help you come up with your research prompt:

  1. What kind of information about the patient does a practitioner gather? (Identify the key situations when a medical history is written and determine the main differences between the document content.)
  2. What systems are reviewed by health care professionals? (Provide the structure of the systems review and give examples of symptoms that are vital for diagnostics.)
  3. What is a social history and why is it important? (Explain how living conditions, marital status, habits, traveling abroad, etc. help doctors form a diagnosis.)
  4. How do paramedics create an anamnesis of a patient who can’t communicate with them? (Write about a hetero anamnesis of other people and other ways to learn more about the patient’s condition.)
  5. How do doctors write a history of issues related to sexual medicine? (Identify the ways to deal with such an uncomfortable situation.)
  6. What are the main advantages of using a computer-assisted history taking system? (Analyze why this system is particularly effective in some situations.)
  7. What factors can impede a doctor-patient relationship? (Investigate what problems patients face when they transit to unfamiliar physicians.)
  8. How does writing an anamnesis complement the physical examination? (Describe how physicians make a diagnosis and then a treatment plan.)
  9. What are the most popular chief complaints in the U.S.? (Create a list of the common complaints that doctors have to investigate.)
  10. How has a medical history changed over the past 50 years? (Study the history of medical examination and identify the main changes.)

Searching for More Interesting Topic Ideas

If you are not inspired by any of the aforementioned topics, you may check the following places to get more interesting examples: the website of your course, your textbook, peer-reviewed journals of medicine, archives of college writing centers, and video materials online. The latter option allows you to learn the interesting medical news, video answers to FAQs, and more. However, it’s recommended to visit your instructor to approve the chosen idea before you get to work.

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