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25 Thought-Provoking Research Paper Topics On Religious Studies

A good research paper topic should provoke the thoughts of the reader and entice him or her to peruse beyond the title. It takes more than a good idea to create a captivating paper. Such ideas must be expressed in a language that is elicits curiosity to the point that the reader wants to learn more.

A lot of papers have been written in religious studies. Most of these papers are on topics given by the teacher. Other topics are mundane and recycled to the point that they are no longer interesting to read. Here is a list of some of the topics that will provoke the minds of your readers to the point perusing through the entire paper. They will also ensure that you get an admirable score.

  1. Religion and its place in social transformation
  2. The changing face of the family and acceptance in mainstream religion
  3. The role of women in perpetuating religious believes
  4. How traditional churches can deal with their dirty pasts without losing the trust of their faithful
  5. Homosexuality and resistance within church circles
  6. Religious funding and its role in moral advocacy
  7. The structure of growing churches
  8. When splits within churches becomes the norm
  9. The possibility of a single religion in the world
  10. Interaction between belief and science
  11. Development of rituals and rites within churches
  12. When god becomes a personal experience
  13. Why atheism is on the rise
  14. Divorcing the message from the messenger: A case of affluent preachers
  15. Apocalyptic prophesies and their effect on religion
  16. When religion becomes the law
  17. Religious theatrics and their ability to attract followers
  18. When the church belongs to an individual
  19. How interreligious debates can foster peace and communal living
  20. The church and its contributions during wars
  21. The new philosophies, psychology and theological perspectives
  22. Doubt and the roots of unbelief
  23. Gender, politics and religion in the Middle East
  24. Evolution of religious influence in social and political circles
  25. The effect of inculcating religious values at a tender age

Your choice of topic should be guided by your discipline or area of study. This makes the paper relevant to your discipline or grade of study. Choose the right words and phrasing to create a captivating research paper. A fresh and captivating topic will attract more attention as opposed to a repetition of what has already been studied on numerous occasions.

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