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The Top 28 Best Medical Research Paper Topics To Consider

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Topics to consider for a medical research paper

  1. Is cancer really a disease that has not found any cure since long?
  2. What is the reality behind the AIDS conspiracy and money making businesses?
  3. How does the human respiratory system differ from that of plants
  4. ?
  5. How does intestine work?
  6. Does a fetus have feelings or emotions in the womb of the mother?
  7. Why is it ethically wrong or right to have a biological procedure called abortion?
  8. What is the real cause of multiple sclerosis and how can it be prevented
  9. Legalizing assisted suicide can contradict with the religious authorities
  10. The response of a breastfed kid to alcohols and drugs, an experimentation
  11. How fair is to experiment on real people and children for medical reasons
  12. Is it tough to join another profession once you have been in medical field
  13. How and why is it hard for people to become doctors
  14. Why do people sell their kidneys, who told them in the first place that it was okay and normal? Is it even legal
  15. Is intelligence in our genes or do we develop it with time and environment? Do we inherit the professional skills of our parents
  16. How are monkeys better than human in motor skills and controlling their limbs
  17. The role of antibiotics and medicines in effecting young stomachs and brain
  18. How and why does screen time effect the cognitive thinking process of young children
  19. Is marijuana a safe drug
  20. Why some medicines are legal in some parts of the world and not others
  21. What is dual personality disorder and how does it happen
  22. Suicide rates in the veterans and what does it explain
  23. Are we creating weapons of mass destruction for our own race
  24. Humans and medical science since the past decade
  25. Genetic engineering- what can we achieve
  26. Are we altering God’s creation through our progress in science
  27. Can religion and science go hand in hand
  28. Why are doctors more religious than physicists
  29. How to control and prevent dengue virus

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