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How To Write A Research Paper Synopsis – 10 Good Tips

Research papers tend to be very long which means they contain a great deal of detail. This is useful but can also make it difficult for the average student to go through all of it multiple times to complete assignments. This is why it helps to summarize the material. Here are ten great tips to help you craft a synopsis:

  • Read the paper thoroughly
  • The first time you read the paper, dig deep and try to understand it completely. Be thorough so that you never have to do this again.

  • Take good notes
  • This will take place during or after that first step depending on what you are most comfortable with. Make sure that your notes are concise or you will find yourself rewriting the paper accidentally. This does not help you at all because you will then have to re-read your notes and make a synopsis of them in order to have a decent summary.

  • Skim the research for any missed points
  • Just in case you have missed anything you should take a moment at this point to look over the whole body of research superficially. If anything important catches your eye that you missed initially, you can put those in now.

  • Put your findings together
  • Notes by nature do not have to be organized. This is a good point to start putting everything you wrote into order.

  • Do additional research
  • This may seem less helpful if what you want to make is a summary but the research relates to something in another paper, it may help to bring that it in.

  • Condense it to its shortest form
  • Create a few short notes from your extra work.

  • Add what is most relevant to the paper initially
  • If anything you researched needs to be included in the synopsis for it to be complete, add that but no more.

  • Seek out any remaining redundancies
  • This is self explanatory.

  • Proofread and edit
  • There are always errors. Seek these out and correct them to the best of your ability. Get help if this is not your strong suit.

  • Work with others
  • This is a useful way to get help. If you work with others they can be present throughout the process and can help you get back on track.

If you’ve been following along with the tips by now you should have a great synopsis put together that you can refer to whenever you like.

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