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How To Write A Research Paper Title: Useful Advice For Students

Everyday life of a student can easily be described and envisioned as a simple combination of hours upon hours of researching, studying and diligent writing. Good students indeed put in extra effort in order to succeed and to impress their mentors. Most students are also familiar with the fact that every written work demands an excellent title, a name that will stand out and draw attention.

Writing an effective and useful title for a research paper is quite a difficult task – a title represents a complex and challenging work that has consumed time but must also represent what is written in a concise and interesting manner. It is a shame when a student writes a good paper, but is unable to adequately demonstrate and illuminate the focus point in its title, thus resulting in a less than successful paper. The lack of a good title has the destructive power to belittle the written piece and the value of everything that’s been written. Such disappointing experiences can easily diminish a student's self-confidence.

In order to assist students in creating a valid research paper title, we have prepared a list of briefings and helpful tips that they might find useful.

  1. It is absolutely necessary to always start from the essence - each written work has only one crucial and an inevitable focus point. Define it and do not lose sight of it.

  2. Students should pay additional attention to supporting motives and other background literary elements. They can have their own place in the structure, but they shouldn’t overcome or overshadow the focal point. If this happens, the title of an essay will be inadequate.

  3. The key is to remain inside the golden middle range - the name of the research paper shouldn’t be too long or too short. It is necessary to specify only the key information to the maximum extent from 7 to 10 words.

  4. Consult with the professionals and respect their advice in the appointment of written work - stay away from crucial mistakes. Never allow yourself to forget that the writing is a combination of a joint structure, various themes and creativity.

  5. Make sure that the name of the work draws the right kind of interest of the person that is responsible for its assessment and evaluation (this refers to age, gender and viewpoint of assessors or audience).

  6. Students should attract attention by their own choice of words. There’s nothing wrong in playing with powers of expression – it’s a mighty tool and it could be used to create a great advantage.

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