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How To Select Strong Research Paper Topics About Religion

Religion and politics; two of the most controversial subjects on the planet and both guaranteed to provoke incredibly strong reactions. Writing a research paper on religion can at times seem like a poisoned chalice and a gift from God. You certainly have plenty of material to get your teeth stuck into. First and foremost if you have strong religious views of your own then it can be incredibly difficult to set aside your own views and come up with a topic on which you are completely unbiased. That is fine. So long as you are able to back up your viewpoint with evidence then in many ways your job might be a whole lot easier than someone with no interest in it at all. Conversely, if you have no religious leanings and you are able to view it from all angles then you will have a wider playing field in which to draw your information from.

So, just how do you select strong research paper topics about religion? Here’re my top tips:

Choose wisely

Before you can choose the topic, you first of all need to choose the religion that you are going to explore. Factors that might influence this choice could include:

  • Personal leanings if any
  • Personal biases

If you are prejudiced choose something else

As I have already said this is a hot potato. While prejudice and bigotry is unacceptable it is sometimes impossible not to be biased. If you have a strong dislike for a particular religion, choose another. Prejudice can seem ugly. Don’t ruin your chances of a good grade by coming across as a bigot.

Choose something controversial

There is nothing like a bit of controversy to get you champing at the bit and put the fire in your belly. Just make sure that you do your research thoroughly and that you can fully substantiate any claims that you make with evidence. Stay clear of wild claims, keep it within context!

Choose something that stirs you

Whether it is the injustices faced by women in the name of religion, or the hijacking of it by terrorist groups it is great if you can write something that you feel passionate about. Just be careful to walk the line between emotive and inflammatory.

Choose something topical

You don’t have to go all the way back to biblical times to find a good topic, although you can if you want! Some of the most interesting religious topics are contemporary.

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