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A List Of Exciting Business Research Paper Topic Ideas

Business is a very broad field where plenty of different people may create something new and profitable. This makes business an interesting topic to write a research paper about. However, to compose a great paper, you’ll need to narrow this topic and make your work original. If you’re struggling with selecting a topic for your academic paper on business, look at the list of topic ideas below.

  1. Multiculturalism as a key factor of creative working groups.
  2. This topic allows you to raise your arguments and prove that multicultural teams have better chances to generate creative ideas for business.

  3. High salary means great performance.
  4. Investigate in your research paper whether it’s true that employees start working harder when they get higher salaries.

  5. The best form of advertising.
  6. Explore in your paper what the best form of advertising is. Is the word of mouth as effective as we think?

  7. Social media at the workplace.
  8. Many companies don’t let their employees use social media at their workplaces to increase productivity. Raise your argument for or against such measures.

  9. Walking around your employees.
  10. Some employers like to walk around their employees to make sure that they work to the full extent. Does this work or only makes employees feel constantly uncomfortable?

  11. Lessons of famous businessmen.
  12. Many famous and successful businessmen give advice or even lessons to aspiring entrepreneurs. Investigate in your research paper whether their methods work for everybody.

  13. The secret of good marketing.
  14. The majority of people prefer particular brands when it comes to almost anything. Explore in your work how companies make us think that their products are the best.

  15. Business leaders: born or taught?
  16. This topic allows you to investigate whether it’s possible to become a good business leader by learning something or you should be born with this talent.

  17. Global standardization.
  18. Explore in your paper whether all products should be globally standardized in the future or local customization is needed nevertheless.

  19. Internal promotion.
  20. Do your investigation and find out what are the advantages of internal promotion in comparison to external recruiting. You may also take an opposite stance.

  21. The strength of multinational corporations.
  22. This topic allows you to explore whether multinational corporations should maintain a strong presence in their home countries or focus on other areas.

  23. Business ethics.
  24. You may do your research on business ethics in some narrow branches of business and discuss the consequences of not meeting ethical standards.

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