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List Of Unique Research Paper Topics In History

What could be considered as a unique research topic throughout history? In today’s world, it seems everything has already been said and done – it looks like we are just repeating similar information. True connoisseurs of history and literature could say that humanity is sentenced to recount the same story that’s only wrapped in a different form. Therefore, if we want to create something that could be considered as an original writing attempt, we are forced to innovate and invest a lot of our time and effort.

Nowadays, there is a tremendous interest for a particular area of history – an area about mysterious events, legends and myths. That area attracts huge interest and provides plenty of material for high quality research and unique topics to work on. History combined with mythology provides various poignant tales and allows a new view of classical events.

The following list combines classical events of history with those that are contemporary. These events are separated by time and context, but they are connected by their inexhaustible power to provide new interpretations and possibilities for a fresh approach.

  1. Helen of Troy - the Trojan war – the Trojan horse
  2. This ancient war, the first great conflict in literature will always represent an interesting theme for additional work.

  3. Roman emperors (Caligula and Nero)
  4. Lives of the Roman emperors never cease to amaze us. There is almost no chance that someone could write a bad essay based on Nero’s life. Every single person can give their own opinion about the motivation that drove Nero to almost burn down the entire city of Rome.

  5. Powerful women in history – Nefertiti and Cleopatra
  6. These two powerful ladies reigned supremely and wielded influence on other people's lives. They believed in their own power to conquer and seduce.

  7. King Tut (Tutankhamun)
  8. King Tut was found inside the well preserved tomb in a perfect sarcophagus embellished with gold and precious gems. His life remains a mystery to this day.

  9. The true identity of Jack the Ripper
  10. Who was Jack the Ripper? During the last year, scientists announced that they had discovered the true identity of the notorious London killer. His crimes have sparked numerous research articles and raised many speculations.

  11. Amelia Earhart – female aviator pioneer
  12. No one really knows what happened to an experienced female pilot out on the open sea. After miles and miles of safe flight, her plane disappeared without a trace.

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