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How To Create A Strong Research Paper On Stress Among Employees

The general topic of how stress affects employee productivity has long been studied. The causes of such stress and how it can be managed is also an expanding topic. Stress is a universal issue, experienced by employees from all kinds of jobs and positions. It’s in every workplace, in every country. Because of this, there are many general areas you can choose to write about. The key will be in focusing on a narrow topic for your paper.

Follow these steps to write a great research paper:

  1. Know exactly what your instructor expects of you for this assignment. It is one thing to know how to put together a great paper, but it’s another to make sure you adhere to all your teacher’s guidelines. You must do both. Study the assignment and get it clear in your mind all the elements expected to be in your paper. Underline each one so you can check them off as you complete them.

  2. Start your planning stage as soon as you get the assignment from your teacher. Formulating a topic idea is one of the first things to start thinking about. It requires some time and a little research to get this part completed, so start it early. You can be thinking about ideas as you go about other activities. Once your general idea has been formulated, you will need to narrow it down in order to cover it thoroughly.

  3. Resist the urge to immediately start writing at this stage. It’s well worth your time to make an outline first. You can start the outline with the knowledge you have now, and as you uncover more knowledge through your research, you can add to it. Spend a little time doing some scheduling for yourself so you know you can get your project finished on time.

  4. You can start writing now. Write freely without too much worry about whether it’s coming out perfectly or not. You can fix everything up during the editing and proofreading stage. Using your own words, and following the outline, start writing about all you’ve learned. Remember to properly reference any citations you use. Use quotations where applicable and always give other authors credit for their work. Once your first draft is done, put it away for a day or two. When you come back to read it your mind will be fresh.

  5. Write your final draft, proofread and your research paper will be all polished up and ready to hand in.

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